As the legitimized cannabis business expands across U.S and U.E more and more companies are hiring employees in order to expand and succeed. Those interested in establishing successful careers in this rapidly growing industry are faced with a number of challenges.

There are a few important qualities that candidates can utilize when looking for employment in the legitimized cannabis world.

Ask the right questions

Working with cannabis involves being part of a movement that looks to change the mindsets of many people around the world. If the company’s mission is simply “to make money,” turn around and run in the other direction. There are plenty of industries where “pure financial gain” is a perfectly acceptable mission, but cannabis is not one of them. Find a goal and vision that you truly believe in, and are proud to stand for

Professional Versatility

Almost every job you can think of outside the marijuana industry can also be found inside the industry. There is a growing need for accountants, marketers, graphic designers, web developers, software engineers, and many other professional jobs that most people don’t associate with the marijuana industry.

With a balanced mix of cannabis grow culture and a sound business intellect, candidates will be a perfect fit for the legitimized corporate culture of cannabis.

In the end, the only thing that matters is if the candidate “speaks the languages” of both the underground culture of traditional cannabis growing, and the “real business world.” With a balanced mix of cannabis grow culture and a sound business intellect, candidates will be a perfect fit for the legitimised corporate culture of cannabis.

If a candidate wants to make himself or herself an asset, they should be prepared to learn as much as they can. More over, the unpredictable and moving legal nature of the cannabis industry requires both business owners and employees to be highly adaptable in order to stay afloat.


Finally, when attempting to find work within the cannabis industry, it takes a creative mind to adapt one’s skills set for the business. If you fancy the cannabis industry, you need to have the ability to translate underground experience on a resume. This notion is entwined with the idea of moving from a home-based, underground business, into the legitimate cannabis industry.

It is essential that candidates “think outside the box” when translating one’s previous skills into a brand new business model.