What You Need to Know About CBD Entourage Effect


If you are new to the world of cannabidiol (CBD), one of the terms that you may have come across is “entourage effect.” This may sound a bit confusing to you. However, it is not as complicated as you may imagine. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the entourage effect of CBD.

As you may know, most CBD products on the market are derived from the industrial hemp plant. CBD is just one of about 113 cannabinoids in this plant. While the health benefits of CBD are well known, the other cannabinoids in this plant can also improve your health. Apart from cannabinoids, hemp contains terpenes and other nutrients that are useful to the body.

There are generally two types of CBD products on the market; those made with full-spectrum CBD and those made with CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD contains CBD and all the other components of the hemp plant. When you take full-spectrum CBD, the result of all the components of the hemp plant working together in your body is what is referred to as the entourage effect. The different compounds complement each other in the body to produce a more potent healing effect. Many natural health experts recommend full-spectrum CBD as a more holistic treatment option.

The fact is that scientists are just beginning to understand how CBD and other components of the hemp plant work. THC and CBD are the two most popular cannabinoids in this plant. However, there are over 100 others, and they are equally beneficial to your health. For example, THC is useful in providing relief from pain. By using full-spectrum CBD, you will benefit from the full range of compounds in the hemp plant and not just one. Experience has taught the scientific community that extracting particular compounds out of a plant is not the best approach in some instances.

I know you may be thinking that wouldn’t using full-spectrum CBD (which contains THC) get you high. Well, the answer is no. As indicated above, most CBD products available today are made with CBD that is extracted from hemp. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant which contains very low levels of THC – as low as 0.3 percent in some plants. In the U.S., hemp plants are not allowed to contain over 1 percent of THC. Due to the low level of THC in this plant, hemp-sourced CBD will not get you high even if you consume a large quantity of it.

Unlike full spectrum CBD, CBD isolate is a CBD product where the CBD has been separated from all the other compounds. Usually, products made with CBD isolate contain only CBD. While full-spectrum CBD may seem like a better option than CBD isolate due to the entourage effect. However, CBD isolate is suitable in some situations where you want just CBD.

There are several ongoing studies into this plant which will no doubt improve our understanding of its components and the best way to use them.